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ProRep Beech Chips Reptile Substrate Lizard Bird Fine Coarse Grade Wood Bedding 10 Litres

Economical and dust-free, ProRep Beech Chips are suitable for many larger species of snakes, lizards, birds and mammals. They are produced from kiln-dried wood harvested from sustainable forests. Directions: Spread the substrate evenly over the bottom of the enclosure to a depth of at least 1-2”. Spot clean daily and completely replace every two – three weeks or more if it becomes heavily soiled or wet. If you are using an under-tank heat mat as your heat source do not use a thick layer of beech chips as this may cause the heat mat to overheat.

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ProRep Live Moss 1.5ltrs

ProRep Live Moss is ideal as a substrate, enclosure decoration or egg laying or incubation medium. Sphagnum Moss is suitable for use with all reptiles, amphibians and inverts. The moss is perfect for increasing humidity and while it holds moisture it is naturally resistant to bacteria. It is ideal for putting in a wet box or shedder. Simply soak the moss in clean water for 30 minutes . Squeeze to remove excessive water before use.

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ProRep Coco Bedding is a 100% natural versatile bedding made from the husk of the coconut. Ideal for species of amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates that require a humid environment.



Arcadia Solar Basking Infra Red lamp 75w, RSBR75 Arcadia Infrared Basking Spot is a standard Infrared, E27 heat lamp. This range from Arcadia reptile are specifically chosen for its potency and produce low visible light and high heat.


KOMODO – Beech Chips Fine 12 ltrs

Komodo’s Beech Chips offer a versatile flooring solution for most reptiles including snakes, lizards or tortoises. Ideal for use with reptiles requiring an arid environment, beech chips can also be used with reptiles needing a semi-humid environment. Please note, when using Komodo Beech Chips with under floor heating, care must be taken to ensure no more than a 2cm layer is placed on top of the heater. Beech Chips are an excellent insulator, however using a layer of chips over the recommended depth can quickly cause thermal blocking which can lead to high temperatures and potentially cause a hazardous situation. Used by keepers worldwide, Beech Chips are sourced from sustainable forests and kiln dried and are available in coarse or fine.

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Beastie Feast 300g

Komodo’s Beastie Feast provides a complete and nourishing diet for all types of feeder insect helping to raise their nutritional value to similar levels as wild insects. Feeding live food is an important aspect of keeping any insectivorous reptile. Komodo’s Beastie Feast should be given to live food as least 24 hours before offering them to a reptile, this helps load their guts with carbohydrates that insectivorous reptiles are unable to utilise unless partially digested in the stomachs of their prey.

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Arcadia Basking Infrared Heat Lamp 100W

We all know that reptiles are cold blooded (Exothermic) and rely upon an external source of heat for their energy. This is why when housing your reptile it is done correctly to ensure they have enough heat but not too much. The correct heat source then gives the reptile the right energy to hunt and feed. Maintaining the right heat is also important to ensure good digestion and organ function. The lights are designed to heat the vivarium extremely well to make sure you supply the right amount of heat to your animal. Arcadia recommend that you use a thick natural stone like slate under the heat source so that it will store the heat during the day and then release back during the evening.

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Feeding Tongs Plastic

Plastic Feeding Tongs are the perfect tool for safe and easy feeding of reptiles, as well as being cost effective. Great for hand feeding bugs to small lizards and amphibians and useful for handling invertibrates such as scorpians, spiders or beetles.

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