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Paleo Plus Pork & Apple 500g


Paleo Plus Pork & Apple Raw Dog Food is a fantastic addition to our single-protein range. Pork is a great meat for raw dog food and ours is all reared outdoors, as happy pigs makes for healthier meat.
Packed full of of pork meat, this product boasts an awesome range of organ contents to boot:
We have also included Pork trachea for good measure.
Many pork-based raw dog food products can be fatty, but this depends on the cuts of meat used. With this product we wanted to keep it as lean and as ‘Paleo’ as possible, a sign of how much meat muscle we include here.
To this we add a few Granny Smith Apples to make this a mouth-watering mix that your dog is sure to love.
Key Features
Uses only Outdoor reared pork
Large range of pork organs including a source of pancreas
Ideal bone content
Low fat
Complete to FEDIAF standards
Suitable for all life stages
The Paleo Plus Raw Dog Food Range
Hand made with human grade ingredients of the finest quality. Our Paleo plus range marries our exceptional quality coarse minces with a meticulously selected range of natural additions.
80% High welfare, outdoor reared and grass-fed meat, offal and bone with a 20% unique blend of sustainably sourced superfoods, chosen only for their nutritional excellence.
Packaged in compstable tubs and sleeves.

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